Other services

Creating and hosting of websites and online stores

If you want a website that works quickly and smoothly and ensure your potential and existing customers a smooth, secure and user-friendly access for you we develop solutions on world-famous WordPress platform. With your suggestions, we create a website or online store, gallery, portfolio, etc. together with administrative tools that you'll need to add and edit content on your site. Web sites are developed to a high level of security against attacks and are optimized for display on mobile devices and personal computers. The website regularly maintained, as well as for you every solution we offer advice and assistance in the application. Thus, you can, with our help, without having to invest time and resources in development, focusing on content and functionality of your site.

Aerial photography and aerial imagery

For record and aerial photography using the remote-controlled drone stabilized recording and transmitting images to a monitor and a GPS system with the option to certain geographical points. The camera 2,7K video, almost 3 × sharper than the picture on your HDTV at 30 frames per second and up to 40 Mbps. Camera captures the image quality 12 megapixel JPEG or even DNG RAW. It has a 1 / 2.3 "sensor, fast f / 2.8 lens, focusing is optimized for aerial imagery.

Manufacture of advertising clips and live broadcast

We offer the manufacture and only download promotional clips:

  • for live streaming with reactions on Facebook
  • for live transmission on channels such as YouTube, Twitch
  • create website in web technology HTML5 which is playing in the background clip. On website the text is changed and it's possible to display several different films, mixing between them and the like. (an example of such a clip is on right side)

Optimisation of computers and verification of safety

In the event that your computer running Microsoft Windows starts to act very slowly we can verify and optimize the performance and recommend what to do for the best results. At the same time we check the security settings.

We are checking the security of your systems that are on the internet and the possibilities and incursion. In the end, make a report and advised how to arrange shortcomings.